LOU LOU D'VIL - Finland

LouLou’s exotic beauty, luxurious style and passionate & playful stage charisma have made her one of the brightest burlesque entertainers in The world. Notorious for her fierce reincarnation of seductive vintage glamour and modern bump’n’grind burlesque, she headlines high-end productions all over the world


VAL VAMPYRE - Fort Lauderdale

Florida's own Vampyre is a stamp of the Goth and Fetish scene as well as the Cabaret circles. Lead performer and entertainment coordinator for Fetish Factory; her methods and twists are as mystical as her performances, From Miami to Vancouver her wings have brushed some of the best events and have left us begging for more. Get ready to behold the awesome power that is Val Vampyre


MISS CRASH - Las Vegas

Miss Crash will take you and break you while she swings from a pole or wreaks havoc on stage One of Fetish Factory's wildest of wild card she is as vicous as she's controversial. Get ready to experience the sensation that is Miss Crash